Arriving Mexico, Day of the Dead.

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City.

Four Seasons Hotel, a patio snack…

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These days I am still working with lawyers. I consult in various aspects of personal injury, wrongful death litigation cases, such as Toxic Litigation, Crisis Management and of course, Air Disaster litigation. The lawyers I work with are top quality "Super" lawyer firms (if you will pardon a little industry jargon) whose names you would recognize if I were to drop them here. We deal with issues regarding the cumulation of the investigation of aviation accidents and the judicial process. Concerns include culpability, insurance, liability, safety and the lack thereof . Many of the cases that I work with involve cross-border civil litigation, and include cases such as Air France Flight 447 where locally (as in France) criminalization is also part of the legal mix. The industry is working toward developing a legally defensive safety management system, and still working out processes between air accident investigation and the judiciary which conflict in various courts. I offer my clients my experience and the experience of my experts regarding proceedings in air accidents. How did a guy who is not a lawyer end up running a management consulting firm for lawyers? For decades I was an independant consultant for the Law Offices of Ed Masry, starting with the founder, Edward Masry in 1967. When Masry & Vititoe was formed 32 years ago, I continued consulting in the same capacity. In 1987, I spent a year writing and developing some law firm management programs that even today are still running the office. If the name seems familiar to you, it is because Masry & Vititoe is the law firm portrayed in the Academy Award winning film “Erin Brockovich”. 20 years in two sentences--there's a lot of experience covered in those two lines.
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